Vogue Diary..............Chanel on the streets, Le Meurice, Paris

Thursday, October 10, 2013

Chanel is a spectacle on the Runway. Every season its iconic signifiers are reinterpreted by the magician Karl Lagerfeld and continue to marvel. But what about on the street? For my most recent Vogue Diary I was inspired by real women wearing the brand in everyday life. While Karl stunned a new crowd at his recent show, this time infusing the designs with the spirit of the artiste, I had my very own Chanel moment on the Left Bank.

Rather than being surrounded by stunning clothing and models, I was being shown around Magasin Sennelier by its owner.  When I explained my work as a dessinateur de mode, the kind man spoke up about how he knows the master in question. Apparently Karl lives close by and visits the store regularly for his own supplies. Fact or fiction, I was taken by the man and his story. Needless to say I loved the idea of Karl exploring the same art shop and I bought perhaps more art supplies than needed.