Vogue Diary Update...................The Fitting, COMME des GARÇONS, 54 Rue du Faubourg St-Honore, Paris

Tuesday, October 1, 2013

The COMME des GARÇONS store in Paris has been frantic with Fashion Week customers, madly looking for that perfect Day at the Défilé show-stopping outfit. In a world of people striving to be noticed, COMME des GARÇONS seems to be the perfect fit due to its ability to be simultaneously outrageous and yet somehow totally discreet. 

Exploring this space and all its objects-of-desire opened my eyes to just how magical this iconic brand is. But rather than simply seducing us with the luxurious or bizarre, it’s the person wearing the garment that brings it to life. COMME's staff make perfect brand ambassadors, ranging in ages and styles, they create an incredible atmosphere. And if you ask you will learn that they are also artists, stylists or working in the fashion industry, so not necessarily professional models.

When entering their runway show earlier this week, many of them acted as a COMME guard-of-honour welcoming the press, pop-stars and buyers alike. I didn't know who to draw first, the models or the staffers? Their looks all blended into a rich alternative universe.

In this drawing a customer was shopping for a dramatic winter coat in bright acidic colours; I saw the scene as a contemporary version of fitting Haute Couture. COMME really has reached the highest heights of fashion and gives anyone game enough that true Paris moment.

To see the full drawing please visit my Fashion Week Diary online at Australian Vogue.